Exhibition "Mystic fairy show" represented by Saint Petersburg wax museum was opened in Russian Pskov city in the showroom of the Administrative Chamber in Kremlin. Russian.

Seven genre scenes show the public wizards, vampires, mediums, black magicians and spirits. All 30 waxworks are made and represented together in one place for the first time. People in Pskov had a chance to see well-known mystic heroes - Buddha, Nostradamus during december 2004 year. Waxen resemblance of Dutch pathologist Frederic Ruysch, who was the first to put living organisms into flasks with spirit, is sure to be interesting to the public. Ruysch.s collection was acquired by Peter the Great for the Chamber of Curiosities (Kunstcamera), the first museum in Russia. "Mystic fairy show" tells about history of world religions, astrology, spiritualism, magic and witchcraft.

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