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 The Pskov chapels not only replaced churches in poor villages, served as markers on roads, and indicated halting points. They also served as places of repose for the dead before burial. This was a very wise decision, for many peasant houses in those distant times had only one room where the family lived. In the chapel the dead could lie in solemn and appropriate surroundings.
pskov chapels on photos Virgin Korsunskaya Chapel - it was built in 1929 year in Izborsk village, 32 km from Pskov city. The small in volume, it is exceptionally proportional, slender and harmonizing with surrounding space.

pskov chapels on photos On photo little chapel built into St. Nicholas Church. Pskov breath the warmth and richness of this small, simple construction. The chapel is like a small porch attached to the side of the sanctuary arse. 

pskov chapels on photos Anastasiya Chapel. St. Anastasia's Chapel was built in 1911, to replace ancient chapel of 1711.Architect is Shchusev. St. Anastasia Chapel located on the bank Velikaya river, opposite Kremlin, near with Dormition (Assumption) by the Ferry church. Inside the chapel are frescoes. 

pskov chapels on photos Nativity of the Christ Chapel. Nativity of the Christ Chapel - was built in 2003 year in Pskov city, near railway station. 
As known the last Russian Tsar (King, Prince - in Russia it was Tsar) Nicholas the 2nd signed the abdication order in Pskov in 1918 after communist revolution. In order to commemorate Nicholas, who is officially recognized a Saint figure by Orthodox Church, Pskov has constructed a Chapel near train station. This is the place where the tragic event took place in the beginning of the last century.
The chapel was officially opened on July 17, 2003. It was one of the core events of the forthcoming 1100 th birthday of Pskov city.

pskov chapels on photos St. Olga Chapel, which was built in 2000 year in Pskov city, on the bank Velikaya river, opposite Kremlin, near with Dormition (Assumption) by the Ferry church, not too far from St. Anastasia's Chapel. The beginning of Pskov city history is connected with the name of the famous princess Olga. 

pskov chapels on photos Virgin Derzhavnaya Chapel. Virgin Derzhavnaya Chapel - was built in 1993 year in Pskov city, near St. A. Nevsky military church.

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