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Apple pie with pot cheese and raisins

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Chicken patties - cutlets.

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Dandelions roots coffee

Oats Barley coffee

Lemon coffee

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My name is Natalia. I dream about publication my own 1000 Recipes book with over 200 my photos in Publisher. I have translated them into English. Large number healthy recipes in several categories, ranging from sorrel soup to vinegar apples. Stuffed vegetables, ancient beverages, desserts and much more. I appreciate and very grateful for any assistance and support. I have the capacity, which I got from my Grandmother, to invent recipes from what I have in the refregirator. I live in north-west of Russia, in Pskov city. Pskov lies in the north - west of Russia, on the border with Estonia. Visit Russian Pskov city where I live. With Trip Advisor order Rizhskaya hotel in Pskov.

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